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ivano stenta
Julijske Alpe | Dovški Križ | Z vrha direktno v Jugovo grapo

Nadmorska višina začetka strnjene snežne odeje: 1.400 m

56th and last hike of the season, my first skimo season when I've never used a car.
Slept at the homely Bivak III Za Akom, didn't make it all the way to the top because we were late, and because the top is not entirely skiable. The Jugova Grapa is in perfect conditions (there are about three meters to climb, at the exit on the top), and you can ski down to about 1350 meters, although in some parts the snow is covered with rocks. On the way down we followed some tracks that kept west of "Tri Malcesnih", but we couldn't understand how to reach the plateau of Za Akom below (the first 100 meters or so are quite steep and look like a rock wall), so we hiked back up and skied down the normal way (had to take the skis off below the Macesni for about 50m, on a short and exposed path).
The parts without snow were quite scary at times, but perfectly doable for anyone with just a bit of experience. Took the wrong path a couple of times, 10 hours of hike plus the approach the day before (75', of which half under heavy rain. Luckily the bivouac has fire).
See you next season!

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Zadnja sprememba: 19.06.2021 ob 11:48

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